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Kia Hiwa Ra Large Shared Reader

This project is part of a wider educational strategy to publish and distribute iwi stories and localized content under the umbrella of Te Aho Ngarahu. This project is part of a series of 4 Taniwha stories related to the Ngāti Manawa Iwi.

The story is set in modern-day times at the local watering hole, by the school, during the height of summertime. In the swimming hole lives a kaitiaki-taniwha of Murupara. He is invisible to all except those who exemplify the Ngāti Manawa values.


This story follows a young boy's journey of finding belonging and community through acts of service and kindness for his peers. Under the guidance of his precocious cousin, Takuate he is able to believe in himself and discover his place in Ngāti Manawa and witness the taniwha of Murupara.

The initial audience will be the Iwi and children of Murupara – this should accurately reflect their area and their values of helping the community and living out their traditions. The larger audience will be early primary audiences of 5-8 years old. As a shared reader, it needs to be visually appealing and engaging for a group setting, with the teacher reading out.

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