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Your Way Your Life

By Joseph V. Ciarrochi and Louise L. Hayes
Published by: New Harbinger Publications

I had the amazing opportunity to be emersed in illustrating the ultimate teen guide to handling all the pressures and challenges of life—your own way!

This team was an amazing collaboration of talented people. I learnt a lot from everyone and I also had a great range of creative freedom. 
The style of this book is so much fun as wee illustrations are placed spontaneously through this tactical book but beautifully put together by the fabulous designer Catherine Adam at

In Your Life, Your Way, you’ll learn how to deal with all the changes and challenges of the teen years—and how to grow into the person you want to be. You’ll learn doable skills grounded in mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and positive psychology to help you form positive friendships, manage difficult emotions, and get unstuck from bad habits. You’ll also learn real tips for dealing with several life challenges.

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